Pros and Cons of Working After Retirement

There are many pros and cons of working after retirement. Some people think they will retire and never work again, but find out soon enough that this is not the type of life they want to lead. Even though you are not under the gun to make a decision, it is good to be aware of the benefits and potential problems of working after retirement.


  1. You will always have something to keep you busy. Let’s face it: life without work can get very boring. If you work after retirement you will have something to keep you busy, even if only part-time.
  2. Money, money, money. Some people have enough money to live comfortably in retirement without ever working again. Others are not so fortunate. No matter where you fit in, working after retirement can be a huge financial boost.
  3. It will keep you active and social. If you don’t interact with people at work when will you do so? Some retirees find that this is the part of working that they miss the most. Not only can you stay social if you work after retirement, but you can also make new friends.


  1. Age discrimination. Even though this should not be a consideration, it is something that you have to keep in mind. Some employers do not like hiring older workers for one reason or the next. You may run into this if you are interested in working after retirement.
  2. Tax on social security benefits. By increasing your income you may find that more of your social security income is subject to taxes.
  3. Impact on your pension. If you have a pension from a past job it may be impacted by your employment in retirement. Check with your former employer to ensure that you will not face any fees or penalties for working while receiving pension payments.

These basic pros and cons of working after retirement should help you decide which choice is right for you.

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