Retirement Living Like the Golden Girls

When it comes to retirement living many people assume they will stay in their home, with their spouse, until the day they die. This is a plan that many people follow. Of course, things are changing and in today’s day and age many are looking for something else – especially those who do not have a partner.

Another Alternative for Retirement Living Arrangements

Do you remember the television show The Golden Girls? The show was based around four retirees sharing a home in Florida. Even though it was meant to be a sitcom, this sort of retirement living arrangement is nothing to laugh at. In fact, it is something that more and more people are considering, and a recent New York Times article featured a couple of real-life Golden Girls.  So what are the advantages to having a roommate (or more than one) in retirement?

First, it is important to have enough money during your retirement to do what you want, when you want. Unfortunately, many people spend all their money on the basic necessities, such as food and shelter, so they don’t have the resources to do anything else. If you have a roommate, though, you can greatly reduce your expenses. The ability to save money is clearly one of the best reasons to opt for a roommate in retirement.

Also, just because you are divorced or widowed does not mean you have to live the rest of your life in solitude. In addition to saving money, a roommate can be a great companion. While many people believe that a roommate will get in their way, if you choose the right type of property nothing could be further from the truth. You want to locate a home or apartment that offers a common living space, as well as private quarters (bedroom, bathroom) for each roommate.

Deciding on the best type of retirement living arrangement is not always the easiest thing to do. Even if you don’t move forward with this idea, consider living like the Golden Girls. After all, they were always having fun!

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