A Guide to Single Senior Travel

Are you a single senior citizen? Do you have the desire to travel? If you answered yes to both of these questions you are not alone. Many people have a strong interest in traveling – no matter if they are single or married.

Single senior travel is a bit different than traveling with a spouse. For this reason, you need to know the ins and outs – including what you should and should not be doing before and during your trip.

Tips for a Traveling Single Senior

Here are three tips to follow as a traveling single senior:

  1. Find a travel companion. Do you know anybody else who is single and looking to travel? This can be anybody from a family member to a friend. Once you find somebody, ask them if they want to take the trip with you. Even though both of you are single, you will still have a traveling companion.  This can make the trip not only more fun, but also safer.
  2. Participate in a singles only trip. There are many travel companies that plan trips ranging from single senior cruises to bus tours and much more. Regardless of your interests and the final destination, this type of experience can be a lot of fun. There is something about traveling with other single seniors that will make you more comfortable
  3. Make sure safety is on your mind at all times. This means many things including but not limited to:
    • keeping your money close to you at all times
    • never going out at alone at night
    • knowing your surroundings, especially the people
    • making plans to visit only the safest areas

With millions upon millions of baby boomers expected to retire within the next five years, it goes without saying that single senior travel will continue to increase in popularity. The three tips above can help ensure a safe, enjoyable trip.

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