A Guide to Finding the Right Retirement Quote

Finding retirement quotes for your coworker, family, or friend is easy enough when you know which steps to take, the tone to use, and the message that you want to get across. Sometimes, though, getting started is the hardest part.

Retirement Quotes Do’s and Don’ts

When searching for the right retirement quotes you need to make all the right moves, while avoiding steps that could make you look bad.


  1. Take the time to compare many retirement quotes. With thousands upon thousands of options and combinations, it is essential to compare as many quotes as you can before deciding on which one to use.
  2. Consider your relationship. As you can imagine, retirement quotes for a family member, such as a parent, will be much different than that for a co-worker or boss.


  1. Just because you think a retirement quote is funny does not mean that everybody else will agree. It is great to add humor to a retirement card or speech, but only if you can be 100 percent sure that the retiree will laugh!
  2. Don’t write something just to write something. As you consider many different retirement quotes, it is easy to see that some are more detailed than others. Retiring is a big deal for many people. You should put plenty of thought into what you write/say.

With this information you should have a better idea of what goes into finding the right retirement quote. Now that you know what you should and should not be doing, you will end up with the perfect quote for your card or speech.

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