Creating your Online Dating Profile: 4 Picture Myths

Are you in the process of creating your online dating profile? If so, you may get hung up on one very important detail: the picture. As you can imagine, this is the first thing that most people look at. Post a bad picture and this could quickly quell any chance of landing a date.

Here are four online dating profile picture myths to keep in mind:

1. It is best to smile. Even though this appears to make sense, according to it is not always the right thing to do. Women, for example, get the best response when they ditch the smile and flirt with the camera. Showing a lot of teeth is not always a good thing!

2. You have to show your face. Actually, if your picture is interesting you do not have to show your face at all.  Consider showing yourself participating in a hobby, traveling or doing something interesting.  This will pique other’s interest and help them start a conversation with you.

3. You need a professional to take your picture. This is a myth that needs dispelled. In fact, studies have shown that “self-shot pictures” yield a better response than those that appear to be professionally done.

4. I can just take a picture with my camera phone. Given how popular camera phones you might think this strategy would work.  However, picture attractiveness has a lot to do with camera quality, so follow the tips above and then make sure the final shot is taken with a high quality digital camera.  In general, the better the camera quality, the better the photo.

Bonus Tip: Don’t use flash, it will add seven years onto your photo.

When creating your online dating profile focus on the four myths above. Picture selection is very important. If you make a good choice you have a much better chance of receiving multiple messages from people in your target demographic. What more could you want?

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