Are all Men Looking for Younger Women?

There is no denying that the “dating game” changes as you get older. This is particularly true for men. It has been documented time and time again that the majority of single men spend their time chasing after younger women. This holds true amongst men throughout a variety of age groups.

According to, one of the top dating sites in the world, as men get older they search for younger and younger women.

For example, on the average 31 year old male will set his allowable match range for women from 22 to 35. This is a range of nine years younger, but only four years older.

Believe it or not, as men get older they expand their allowable age ranges. The same study by shows that the average 42 year old man will date women up to 15 years younger, but no more than three years older.

As a whole, it is easy to see that men spend much more time pursuing much younger women as opposed to those who are just a couple of years older.  Doesn’t it make sense for these men to expand their upper age ranges, too? For example, the same 31 year old male could search for females ranging from 22 to 40 – this would result in a nine year age gap maximum, both younger and older.  Of course this same approach would mean the 42 year old man would be search for females ranging in age from 27 to 57.  Maybe another option would be for the 42 year old man to shift their 18 year range so instead of considering females 27 to 45 they consider females 30 to 48, or 32 to 50.

Single men interested in online dating will have a much easier time finding a match if they are willing to search for women that are both younger and older. The question is: will more guys begin to break the mold and broaden their search while most other men are avoiding doing so?

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