Who Qualifies for Medicaid?

Are you wondering who qualifies for Medicaid? Do you find yourself asking this question time and time again? If so, you may be interested for yourself or a loved one. Those who qualify for Medicaid should definitely take advantage.

What you’ll need to Qualify

Only those with very low income qualify for Medicaid medical coverage. The exact amount depends on the state in which you live. If your income is below the eligibility standard for the federal government’s Supplemental Security Income program, you are qualified to receive Medicaid.

The current income eligibility standard is roughly $700 per month. Some of your income may not be included, so those with $1,500 or less income per month should consider applying.

If married, the income of both spouses is considered when determining Medicaid eligibility. Additionally, if your bills are paid by others or you receive free housing, this can be considered income.

In some states, you can receive Medicaid medical coverage even if your income is higher than the state’s eligibility requirements. This holds true for those who have recurring medical expenses that are not covered by insurance or another type of program such as Medicare.

Your assets are also taken into consideration when applying for Medicaid. If single, you are allowed $2,000 in assets; $3,000 for couples. This includes savings and cash, as well as other assets. Some are exempt including: a house that the applicant currently resides in; automobile; household goods; wedding rings; and life insurance.

If you are ready to apply for Medicaid, you will need to contact your local department of social services. They will request information including: birth certificate; proof of citizenship; recent paystubs; proof of other income; proof of where you live; and an insurance card if you currently have coverage.

You should now have a better idea of who qualifies for Medicaid and whether or not you are part of this group.

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