Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is a global organization focusing on support and care for those affected by Alzheimer’s. They are the leading Alzheimer’s support and care group in the world. Along with this, they are also known to be the largest non-profit funding source for research.

How The Alzheimer’s Association Is Helping

There are many ways that the Alzheimer’s Association is helping patients, family members, and research teams.

1. Local chapters are available across the United States to ensure that those in need get the help and support they deserve.

2. A 24/7 hotline offers accurate information and advice. Did you know that the helpline receives more than 250k calls per year? With numbers like that it is easy to see just how many people the Alzheimer’s Association is helping.

3. Help patients and their families locate and take advantage of Alzheimer’s clinical trials. This is done through the Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch program.

4. By delivering more than 20k educational programs every year, the association is doing its part in spreading the word about this disease.

5. Sponsor an annual event known as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This is the largest event in the world geared towards raising funds for Alzheimer’s support, care, and research.

Finally, it is important to note that the Alzheimer’s Association has played a large part in advancing the research of this disease. Since 1982, the association has granted more than $279 million to scientists and research programs.

The Alzheimer’s Association was formed on April 10, 1980 and has been going strong ever since. Today, there are more than 75 local chapters that help reach millions of people worldwide.

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