Alzheimer’s Activities

An active mind and body is an essential part of Alzheimer’s care. All Alzheimer’s activities should be geared towards the patient’s ability to participate, both physically and mentally. Some activities are better than others so it is important to consider a wide variety.

Best Alzheimer’s Activities

Many outdoor activities are perfect for Alzheimer’s patients. This can be anything from a walk around the block to spending time in a park feeding ducks. In many cases, simply being outdoors in the fresh air can improve a patient’s overall condition and mindset.

Playing simple board games is also a great Alzheimer’s activity to consider. Obviously, simple games are best because they will not confuse the patient. Remember to focus on fun as opposed to winning.

What about cooking? It is important that Alzheimer’s patients take part in activities that were of interest to them earlier in life. Not only are many people interested in cooking, but the end result can lead to a great sense of achievement. In short, it shows the patient that they still have many of the same skills that they relied on in the past.

Regardless of the activity, having fun should be priority number one. Even when an Alzheimer’s patient can no longer understand your humor they will still appreciate your smile and good natured spirit. A simple laugh or smile can go a long way in cheering up an Alzheimer’s patient. Make sure you bring your best attitude to every Alzheimer’s activity.

People in the early stages of Alzheimer’s can slow the progression of the disease through physical and mental exercise. Alzheimer’s activities should get the patient moving and/or thinking without causing stress or leading to overexertion.

There are many activities for Alzheimer’s patients. As a caregiver, choose the ones that best suit your companion.

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