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When Can I Draw Social Security?


Millions of people rely on Social Security as a means of retirement income. Before you do anything, you need to answer this question: when can I draw Social Security? If you don’t know the answer you may end up making a bad decision that effects you during retirement. Steps for Drawing on Social Security Are [...]

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How is Social Security Calculated?


Do you ever find yourself asking, “How is social security calculated?”  No matter your age, you may have a strong interest in this question. However, those who are closing in on retirement definitely need to learn more about how their benefits are calculated. The Math behind Social Security Here are three steps used to calculate [...]

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Fixed Indexed Annuity


Are you interested in buying a fixed indexed annuity? This retirement investment is often times referred to as an equity indexed annuity. No matter what you call it, you need to learn more about the benefits so that you can make an informed decision. Why a Fixed Indexed Annuity May Be Right for You There [...]

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Annuity Definition


Before you opt for an annuity, you should know exactly what you are getting into. There are benefits and drawbacks of this retirement vehicle. While this is the perfect choice for some people, others find it to be a bad financial decision. It is simple to understand the annuity definition: a fixed sum of money [...]

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Planning a 401k Withdrawal


Are you interested in taking a 401k withdrawal in the near future? Do you have questions about when and how this should be done? Anybody who invests in a 401k is making a good decision. However, the decision to invest is only the first of many. There are many withdrawal options, but before we get [...]

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